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Capricorn Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope February 25 - March 4 2019

The moon in chatty Gemini connects with communication planet Mercury at AM, making for a busy, talkative, and social energy. The moon enters nurturing water sign Cancer PM, encouraging us to focus on self care. The moon connects with the sun at PM, helping our heads and hearts align and encouraging us to keep moving toward our goals.

The moon in Gemini connects with your ruling planet Mercury, inspiring movement and flexibility. The moon enters Cancer, finding you in an amicable mood, especially as it connects with the sun. It's a great time to network! The moon in fellow air sign Gemini connects with Mercury, creating a social and chatty mood. You're also focused on your career as the moon enters Cancer, and your inner voice has plenty to say about your public life as the moon mingles with the sun, so make time for quiet meditation!

The moon in Gemini connects with Mercury, inspiring deep conversations about power. The moon enters fellow water sign Cancer, inspiring you to explore the world, and it creates a harmonious energy in your social life as it connects with the sun.

Horoscope Today, February 25, 12222: Know the astrology prediction for your zodiac sign

The moon in Gemini connects with Mercury, opening communication between you and your partners. The moon enters Cancer, finding you in an intense mood, and insightful information arrives as it connects with the sun. The moon in Gemini mingles with Mercury, helping smooth over some awkward or frustrating issues. The moon enters Cancer and connects with the sun, creating a helpful energy in your relationships. The moon in fellow air sign Gemini connects with Mercury, creating an easy vibe for communication in your partnerships.

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The moon enters Cancer and connects with the sun, inspiring you to get organized and helping you address an awkward situation. The moon in Gemini connects with Mercury, inspiring a thoughtful atmosphere, and you're in a flirtatious mood as the moon enters Cancer! Romance flows as the moon connects with the sun, and it's a great time to connect with others about your creative pursuits!

Carry your charm forward to the evening, and sweep the opposite sex off their feet with your appeal, says Ganesha. Take the lonely road today in business ventures, advises Ganesha.

Today's Readings for You

Professionally, you are capable of managing massive missions. Be set to administer your department all by yourself. You shall stake a claim as a great team leader today, says Ganesha. Belligerent — this word describes your state today.

Good news, long since awaited, will come by at the workplace. Imagination is set to fly sky-high as you while the evening away in the pleasant company of someone from the opposite sex. Where there is a will there is a way. True, but even if it's an action driven by a strong will, a dying man cannot wage a war.

Capricorn Love Horoscope – Capricorn Relationship Predictions

You will have to be extra careful about your health today, says Ganesha. This besides, you are likely to strike a profitable deal with your clients, which may turn out to be a big achievement for your company.

This will also be the right time to indulge in entertaining pursuits. You work while you work and play while you play. This approach certainly contributes a lot to your success, says Ganesha.

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You stay focused on your goal and make each step boldly, but wisely. Enjoy the evening in the presence of your friends and family members, and bring a joyous end to the day, says Ganesha. Your competitors will find it tough to maintain their footing against your onslaught today. You need not worry about their activities for you will come out with flying colors at the end of it all. You are not by nature ill-tempered, but you will have to encounter situations where you will be opposed needlessly and that could rouse your wrath. It is an opportune time to hammer out solutions to long simmering discords, says Ganesha.

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